“I am always seeking more knowledge. I never stop. I believe each one of us is unique and radiates something special -and that’s why I do not wish to repeat myself. I try to get into people’s inner world and express what they represent”

Soulli Zissi

Can you describe a career path that starts in 1980 with numerous experiences in just a few words? It is a real challenge. However, Soulli Zissi has never been afraid of challenges. Self made, an entrepreneur, an artist, a visionary, a well known hair stylist with huge experience and never ending imagination…A world traveler with continuous thirst for knowledge has attended dozens of seminars, among which Vidal Sassoon in London and Jean Louis Deforges in France.
She has curated collections of famous designers among who Versace, Cerruti, Aslanis and many more. Her creations have been in fashion shoots, theatrical and TV shows. She has been responsible for the styling of celebrities in showbiz. Her participation, as a hair stylist, in Madonna’s show in Greece holds a special place in her heart.
She uses Redken products, being the first Redken artist in Greece. Along with her partners she has visualized impressive shows in Athens and Thessaloniki.

Linea Capelli Hairsalons

Linea Capelli were founded by hair artist Soulli Zissi in 1984. Each salon has its own history and path through the years. Our philosophy is reflected in their minimal design and lines. The salons are renewed regularly as a “thank you” to our customers.
Our intention is to make a difference, to make new statements and always be a leader and innovator. We stay cool, smile, keep our sense of humor and suggest original ideas.
Above all, we want to make each one of you feel at home at Linea Capelli!


• Consultation-Face study
• Hair treatment-Wash-Massage
• Hair cut
• Styling
• Color
• Men’s grooming
• Manicure-Pedicure

Specialized products, treatments and advice for volume, nourishing, strengthening of damaged hair, moisturizing, frizz dismiss, split ends, colored, curly hair.
Advanced treatments for thin and weak hair.
Just ask us! It is our joy to give answers to your questions and solutions to each hair problem.

We make the difference

At Linea Capelli it is our priority to listen to you. Then we approach each of our customers in a holistic way: Body-Head-Face. An “architectural structure”.
Nevertheless, we know that each one of us is unique so this is what we study. Only after you have given us the necessary information and what represents your personality, do we recommend the right hair cut and color to “frame” your face. Also, the treatment, the care and the specialized products to absolutely suit you.
Our trained team is always informed about the new trends. We travel and attend seminars, we search for innovative products. We experiment and imagine… Each customer’s request is a challenge. And we enjoy seeing you smile every time you enjoy our services!

info@lineacapelli.grLinea Capelli Nea Ionia
El. Venizelou 56-62
Tel. +30 210 2752 731
Linea Capelli Metamorfosi
Ginosati 8 & ΄Ivis
Tel. +30 210 2828 575