Soulli Zissi

She was introduced into the art of hairstyling from a very young age, in the ‘80s. Being persistent, visionary, inventive, she developed her talent and worked at many beauty salons in Athens. At the same time, she attended numerous seminars abroad, among which Vidal Sassoon in London and Jean Louis  Deforges in France. “I still have a lot to learn because I respect myself and love my profession”, she says.”I believe that learning is an eternal process”. At the age of 24 she opened her first salon and started travelling abroad -continuing to do so till today. She founded more salons and became an innovator and well known hair artist in her field.
She has curated collections of famous designers among who Versace, Cerruti, Aslanis and many more. Her creations have been in fashion shoots, theatrical and TV shows. She has been responsible for the styling of celebrities in showbiz. Her participation, as a hair stylist, in Madonna’s show in Greece holds a special place in her heart.

She uses Redken products, being the first Redken artist in Greece. Along with her partners she has visualized impressive shows in Athens and Thessaloniki.
Despite her successful career, she has never stopped listening to her customers. “You can find or change a woman’s style only if you listen first and then express your opinion discretely. Before you intervene, you must understand your client’s lifestyle and personality”.